Configuration GA4

Once you have created and configured your GTM Server container and your DNS settings, you are ready to start sending your first data to GA4

Attention! Sirdata offers a comprehensive service for setting up and configuring your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) clients, as well as your GA4 tags and Facebook Conversions API (CAPI).

If you are not fully confident in server-side configuration and setup, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Creation and Configuration of "Clients" in Your Server Container

a) Client "GA4"

When creating your server container, a GA4 client is already created by default :

You must first configure this GA4 client and add your GA4 Measurement ID.

b) Client "GTM"

Add and configure the "GTM" client. You also need to add your client container ID :

2) Creation of the GA4 tag in your server container

a) GA4 Tag

Add the "Google Analytics: GA4" tag

b) Trigger "ClientNameGA4"

Add a trigger of type "Custom":

In this trigger, add a new variable: "ClientName" of type "Client Name":

Then, add the condition that the variable "ClientName" equals "GA4" in your "ClientNameGA4" trigger :

3) Configuration of the GA4 tag in your "client" container

Add the configuration parameter "server_container_url" to your Google GA4 tag, assigning it the value of your subdomain URL (host). For example:

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